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Meet our Therapist - Jennifer Flack

My treatment philosophy is collaborative; I work together with each client toward self-defined goals. Everyone’s needs are different. My approach to therapy is to meet you where you are at on your journey in a non-judgmental, compassionate and direct way. Over time, I have found that not every client responds to the same therapeutic model the same way and therefore, I use an eclectic blend of therapeutic approaches to help you address what brought you to therapy and help you reach your goals.


My passion for helping people to deconstruct negative patterns and embrace positive changes stems from my own life experiences and is further solidified by the people I have met in my life along the way. My career began in geriatrics, specializing in end of life, grief and loss. Through an odd twist of fate in my masters program, I interned with an agency working with men and women with addictions, trauma, post-incarceration, domestic violence and unhealthy relationships. It took less than three weeks to change my area of specialty. Since that time, I have spent time working in substance rehabilitation facility, behavioral health hospital, outpatient office focusing on individual, couples and group therapy.

As a therapist, I recommend practicing self-care daily to balance the stress of every day life situations. For myself, I am an avid reader and usually have a stack of books ready to go. Sometimes getting lost in my favorite T.V. show is a great way to relax. When I can, I like to travel and spend time visiting historical sights. My favorite part of the day is to be welcomed home by my canine tribe, Dudley, Tank and Velvet

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