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Relationship Issues


Chronic illness

Poor Communication

Differences in parenting

Relationship Expectations


Terminal illness of one partner

Mental health issues

In-laws/Extended family


Financial difficulties

Emotional distance

Sexual intimacy issues

Lack of trust







Blended family

Domestic Violence

Pending/return from Deployment

Work/Life Balance


What if my relationship is abuse what if my relationship is abusive? can i still do therapy with my partner?ive? can i still do therapy with my partner?


A relationship where any type of abuse is present is subject for concern when attempting to try to repair a relationship in a healthy manner.  it is best if a qualified therapist makes an assessment of the type and level of abuse existing in the relationship before beginning therapy. often a therapist will suggest each partner address individual issues before attempting relationship therapy. this is done so each party can address the abuse. if the couple decide to remain in the relationship and the abuse has been addressed in individual therapy, the relationship therapist will likely work with them to help heal the relationship and move them forward.

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